Adanech Abiebie

Adanech Abiebie


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  • Mayor Since Nov 30 -0001
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Welcome to the City of Addis Ababa’s website, and thank you for visiting the Mayor’s page. It is my hope that you will explore the opportunities Addis Ababa has to offer to ourbusinesses and residents, notably the Addis Ababa Friendship Park, Andinet Park, Entoto Arts Center, Grove Garden Walk, and many more exciting areas of the city. Collective Cooperation :

It is through the collective cooperation of the city, schools, businesses, civic organizations, and residents that Addis Ababa that we can offer an appealing quality of life. The City of Addis Ababa strives to be a city of excellence and an outstanding community in which to live, work, and enjoy life. The City of Addis Ababa offers a conveniently located industrial, commercial, and retail hub for businesses, as well as a wide variety of housing and convenient neighborhoods. My administration is committed to excellence and service to our residents, schools, and businesses. Explore Addis Ababa : I invite you to explore our website and learn about the projects and initiatives that my office will be working on. I hope to see you around town and if I can be of any assistance, please contact my office

  • Master of Arts in leadership management  from Civil Service University

  • Bachelor degree in law from Addis Ababa University

  • By the National Certified Public Manager Consortium

  • Certificate in public management, department of public administration & policy


Addis Ababa City 08/2020 – Present

  • Plans, organizes and evaluates the work of all City Departments to ensure that operations and services comply with the policies and directions set by the City Council;

  • Directs the development of the capital improvement budget for approval by the City Council;

  • Monitors the implementation of the adopted budgets;

  • Ensures that city-wide management interactions promote efficient services and developments;

  • Represents the interests and secures the wellbeing of all citizens of the city at all times;

  • Develops, implements, and evaluates the policies and programs of the municipality;

  • Develops, implements and evaluates required services the municipality provides to the public;

  • Ensures that administrative practices and procedures are in place and followed to implement the decisions of the City Council;

  • Ensures the accountability and transparency of the operations of the municipality;

  • Maintains the financial integrity of the municipality; and

  • Carries out the duties of the Mayor of the City as stipulated by the City Council under all Acts.



Attorney General of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia 03/2020 – 08/2020

  • Coordinated and conferred with various agencies including: Federal Police Department, Addis Ababa City Police Department, Supreme Court, Higher Court, and Civil Service Commission & Human Resources;

  • Responsible for modifying and enforcing of women and child abuse laws.



Minister of the Ministry of Revenue and Customs 10/2018 – 02/2020

  • Established and interpreted the tax administration policy;

  • Developed strategies, plans, regulations, guidelines and procedures for proper operation of the Ministry;

  • Maintained an appropriate balance between taxpayer services, tax enforcement schemes and administrative tax codes to deliver services that are fair and integrated;

  • Planned, directed, controlled and evaluated policies, programs and performances of the Ministry;

  • Evaluated legal advise to the ministry pertaining to interpretation, administration and enforcement of internal revenue and other laws;

  • Planed and coordinated assignments spanning programs, functional areas and government organizations;

  • Represented the Ministry with high-level federal officials, foreign governments and non-governmental organizations;

  • Assessed and analysed the tax laws and developed business strategies; and maintained global best practice standards including: competitor analysis; market modelling; distribution yield management; business mix yield management; length of stay yield management; inventory availability by channel; pricing control and new pricing concepts.



City of Adama

  • Supervised the fiscal services of the City including: budgeting, accounting, purchasing, collections, financial reporting and auditing;

  • Reorganized the City’s financial management structure and charged duties and responsibilities to professional staff with accountability;

  • Worked with City Manager on citywide planning and strategic efforts to develop long and short-term financial and administrative goals; and

  • Coordinated special City projects, including the planning, design, implementation, and evaluation of construction/renovation projects, management studies, and introduction of new programs.



Oromia Development Association

  • Successfully developed and implemented multiple fiscal-year regional budgets representing a substantial reduction as part of an overall retrenchment management plan;

  • Reorganized City services to better reflect expenditures related to declining revenues of a distressed urban city, involving over 1000 employees;

  • Consulted with regional representatives on actions needed to improve lives;

  • Organized town-hall meetings for representatives to evaluate their precincts; and

  • Coordinated with public and private sector partners to develop alternatives to traditional city service delivery systems as cost-cutting options.



  • House of Peoples Representatives of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

  • Served as member of the Legislative Budget Board;

  • Served as Deputy to the Legislative Budget Board, responsible for providing staff assistance and policy recommendations to the Administrative Services/Personnel Committee of the Board of Commissioners;

  • Served as Budget Director and liaison between national agencies and department heads, the Controller’s office and the Administrative Services/Personnel Committee; and

  • Assisted with the coordination and direction of National Central Services including Financial Services, Data Processing, and Purchasing and Properties.



Oromia Regional Office

  • Successfully negotiated separate collective bargaining agreements maintaining employee relations, while simultaneously holding the line on employee costs;

  • Developed financial management policies and procedures that resulted in more cost effective and timely annual audits; and

  • Developed and implemented a financial plan for the region’s road construction program.



Oromia Regional Attorney General and Justice Officer

  • Responsible for special projects and assisting the Regional Administrator with daily operations of a full service Region;

  • Assisted with the organisation of conferences, seminars, meetings and other events on behalf of Rural Community Affairs; and

  • Developed and maintained filing systems for central and contract files, general correspondences, forms, reports, minutes, and other materials per direction and procedures.



Oromia Regional Office Employment Affairs

  • Worked closely with the Community Affairs Director in executing strategies for the Region;

  • Responsible for compliance with applicable labour laws and attending to necessary filings;

  • Developed and executed community outreach efforts working closely with all departments of the Region;

  • Developed and implemented the Region’s affirmative action plan for recruitment, hiring, and federal contract compliance as part of the regional office responsibilities;

  • Built strong relationships with the community, non-profit organizations, and local employment offices;

  • Stayed connected and maintained close relationships with the Federal Employment Affairs Department to benefit both the Board and the Region; and

  • Identified applicable opportunities for the Region’s goodwill efforts.


City Mayors